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The Good Sister

What would you do if your daughter fled towards danger? Morgan Jones' The Good Sister shows just how far one father will go to rescue a daughter who doesn't want to be saved.

One quiet morning, with her father still asleep, seventeen-year old Sofia Mounir, disillusioned with her life in London, boards a flight to Turkey.

By the time the police know she’s missing, Sofia is already in Syria, ready to fight for the only cause she still believes in.

Her devastated father knows he must save her and will go to the end of the earth to bring her back.

But how do you rescue a daughter who doesn’t want to be saved?


'Syria, Isis, radicalisation, parental love & the zeitgeist wrapped up in a poetic page-turner of epic proportions' - James O'Brien, author of How to Be Right

Agent: Peter Straus
Publisher: Mantle
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