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Skater Baby

In this hilarious picture book debut, a precocious baby sneaks away from her mom, snags a skateboard, and begins one heck of a daring (and disruptive) joyride through the park!

Mom wants her precious little bundle to have some good, safe fun at the park—but Baby has other plans. While her mom isn’t looking, the baby crawls away and finds a skateboard. As Skater Baby goes on a fun-filled joyride through the park, she continues to pass one distracted, unsuspecting adult after another and snags something new from each of them (like an umbrella, a clown’s nose, and even an unsupervised dog). While her haul steadily grows, so does the crowd of adults who are chasing after. But no one seems to be able to catch the daredevil tyke. And wait, is Skater Baby heading for the huge, scary Mega Ramp?

Author: Jack Noel
Publisher: Razorbill
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