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Sea Cat And Dragon King

Sea-Cat lives at the bottom of the sea with his mother. And his mother loves him very much. In order to keep him warm and dry, Mother Cat knits Sea-Cat the most beautiful clothes and soon Sea-Cat comes to the attention of the rather grim and grey Dragon King. He wants to be as beautiful as Sea-Cat. He wants to have such fine clothes. And soon a marvellous and inspired compromise is achieved. A heart-warming tale of maternal love and the strength that a child gains from the unconditional devotion that a mother can give. "This book is a small gem that... will make mothers want to read it aloud.
Agent: Zoë Waldie
Territories: Bloomsbury: World, Dutch: Prometheus (Netherland), German: Bloomsbury Deutschland, Italian: Arnoldo Mondadori (Italy)
Other Angela Carter, Estate of Titles