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"Love" is Angela Carter's fifth novel and was first published in 1971. With surgical precision it charts the destructive emotional war between a young woman, her husband, and his disruptive brother as they move through a labyrinth of betrayal, alienation, and lost connections. This revised edition has lost none of Angela Carter's haunting power to evoke the ebb of the 1960s, and includes an afterword, which describes the progress of the survivors into the anguish of middle age.
'Carter observes her characters with a cool detachment as if they were specimens on a slide..She catches acutely the dying throes of the love generation, when Swinging London had run to seed'
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Agent: Zoë Waldie
Territories: Chatto and Windus: British Commonwealth ex. Canada Penguin Putnam Inc: United States ex. Canada Vintage: British Commonwealth ex. Canada French: Christian Bourgois (France) German: Klett-Cotta (Germany) Russian: Eksmo Publishers (Russia)
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