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Jeebleh returns to Mogadishu from New York for the first time in twenty years. US troops have recently come and gone and the decimated city is ruled by clan warlords and patrolled by gangs who shoot civilians to relieve their boredom. Jeebleh is returning to visit his mother's grave and to settle her outstanding accounts - but more urgently, the youngest member of his oldest friend's family has been abducted. Jeebleh is determined to rescue the child - and, perhaps, a piece of his own identity. Gripping, provocative, and revelatory, "Links" is the finest work yet from Farah, a novel that will secure his place in the international literary firmament and stand as a classic of modern world literature.
Territories: Duckworth Publishers: British Commonwealth ex Canada Croatian: Algoritam Publishers Danish: Aschehoug Dansk Dutch: Degeus French: Editions du Seuil (France) German: Suhrkamp Verlag Italian: Frassinelli (Italy) Norwegian: Aschehoug & Co (Norway) Swedish: Albert Bonniers Forlag
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