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India After Gandhi

Born against a background of privation and civil war, divided along lines of caste, class, language and religion, independent India emerged, somehow, as a united and democratic country. The story of its making has never been told before. Now, in this remarkable book, we have an epic account of the world's largest and least likely democracy. As Ramachandra Guha points out, India may sometimes be the most exasperating country in the world but it is always the most interesting. Guha writes compellingly of the myriad protests and conflicts that have peppered the history of free India. But he writes also of the factors and processes that have kept the country together, kept it democratic, and defied the numerous prophets of doom who believed that its poverty and hetereogeneity would force India to break up or come under autocratic rule. Moving between history and biography, "India After Gandhi" is peppered with incredible characters from the longstanding Prime Ministers Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi to peasants, tribals, women, workers and musicians. Massively researched and elegantly written, this is the work of a major scholar at the height of his powers.

'a superb, gloriously detailed book that is essential reading for anybody with a serious interest in modern India.'
Independent'balanced and unfailingly insightful work - and one vital to comprehending the 'paradox' that is the second-most populated country on earth.'
Culture, Sunday Times

'capacious... Guha tells us what happened elegantly.'

'a fabulous 900-page epic that should figure on the curricula of every school in Britain.'
Business Weekly
'A narrative that is scholarly and comprehensive. It is also readable.'
The Tablet
Agent: Cara Jones
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