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HUNGER is a novel about what fertility treatment does to a human being, a woman, an artist, a girlfriend, a body.

Mia and Emil have been trying to have a baby for a year and are now starting fertility treatment. Emil has two children from a previous relationship. Mia is a writer and has always known that she wants to be a mother. She begins to write as she embarks on a course of treatment that is becoming increasingly intrusive and that threatens to pull everything apart. She writes from a place of fever, a rising madness and with a burning sense of necessity. Over the course of nine months, she writes in buses, waiting rooms, on the couch.  As her writing grows and becomes a salvation, it also brings further unrest into the relationship. Can one be uncompromising both in art and in love? HUNGER is interested in what it means to be in woman and in the way society portrays and perceives infertility.


Praise for previous titles:


A brilliantly original novel in verse, New Passengers tells the story, taut and well-crafted, of a young woman’s disorientation and search for her adult self. . . In his masterful translation, Misha Hoekstra has captured the complex shifts and nuances of Tine Høeg’s unique poetic style, her sense of timing, and her humor, bringing to English one of Denmark’s most compelling new voices– PEN America

‘Tine Hoeg excels with the notoriously difficult second book. Tour de Chambre gives you a thrill you never want to end.’ – Politiken

‘Tine Hoeg has written the most exceptional novel about art and love … Tour de Chambre is a captivating read.’ – Weekendavisen

Author: Tine Høeg
Publisher: Gutkind
Territories: Norway: Aschehoug
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