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From a Gloucester Road chippie to a Wimpy Bar at the end of the Northern Line, via curry houses in Brick Lane and juice bars in Canary Warf, Pret-sandwich connoisseur Kevin Jackson samples the best - and worst - of what Londoners are eating on the hoof. Alongside musings on the saveloy, the origins of the British hot dog, the erotic allure of a McFlurry, and how Kebab-gate did for Gazza's career, we meet fellow-guzzlers, as well as the people behind the counter as they spin their thin discs of dough, load potato skins, and slap sausages into buns. If your taste-buds tingle at the distant chime of the ice-cream van or you feel a stab of nostalgia at the sight of a little wooden fork, this is the book for you.

Agent: Peter Straus
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