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Evil Never Dies

The village of Slyford St James is no stranger to supernatural happenings, as long-time residents Jed and Emma know all too well. Although Jed’s spiritual connection with the dead was once a source of pride, it now fills him with dread. 

When he receives an invitation to the family estate of his old army friend Simon, who wants Jed to use his gift to solve the brutal murder of his elder brother,  he is initially reluctant, but Emma encourages him, hoping that this new sense of purpose might lift him out of his melancholy, despite the circumstances.  When they arrive at the estate, Jed is shocked by how fragile and fearful his friend has become. As Jed calls upon the spirit world for the first time in eighteen months, the results are dramatic, and a gruesome warning reveals dark and dangerous family secrets that threaten the safety of them all.

Author: Sue Tingey
Agent: Jon Wood
Publisher: Allison & Bushby
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