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Dr Spilsbury and the Camden Town Killer

Dr. Spilsbury and the Camden Town Killer is the first in an exciting new historical mystery series, featuring legendary forensic pathologist Sir Bernard Henry Spilsbury

London, 1920. There's a killer on the streets of Camden Town, and no woman is safe.

When a woman's body is dragged from the Regent's Canal on a freezing January night, eminent forensic pathologist and criminal sleuth Dr Bernard Spilsbury immediately detects foul play. And when a second woman washes up dead under similar circumstances, police realise they are looking for a dangerous predator. Is someone luring lonely spinsters to their deaths through a newspaper Lonely Hearts column? And can they be stopped before they strike again? With time against them, there's only one thing the police can do...

Send for Dr Spilsbury!

Author: Donna Douglas
Agent: Jon Wood
Publisher: Orion
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