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A Daughter's Hope

Autumn, 1942. The Blitz has come to an end, but for many families, it's not over yet. As the residents of Jubilee Row begin to rebuild their lives, twins Sybil and Maudie Maguire decide to go off and do their bit by joining the WAAFs. But what starts off as a great adventure soon forces the girls to grow up as they are confronted with the harsh realities of war. Will they stick together, or will their experiences drive them apart?

Back in Hull, their older sister Florence is a typing pool supervisor who has resigned herself to a life without love. But when dashing American Colonel Forrest takes an interest, she wonders if he might be the one to mend her broken heart...

For fans of Dilly Court, Rosie Goodwin and Katie Flynn, this is the third book in the Yorkshire Blitz Trilogy from the bestselling author of The Nightingale Girls.

Author: Donna Douglas
Agent: Jon Wood
Publisher: Orion
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