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Donna Douglas

Donna Douglas is the author of the bestselling Nightingale Nurses series (Penguin) which follows the young nurses of the Nightingale Teaching Hospital during the World Wars. The latest book in the series is The Nightingale Daughters (Penguin 2023) and moves the story on to 1954 where three new nurses - Winnie, Viv and Beth - are about to start their training.  There’s a steep learning curve ahead. But with friendship on their side, the Nightingale Daughters are ready to rise the challenge.

Under the name D L Douglas, Donna is writing a series of novels featuring Dr Spilsbury, the father of forensic pathology. Starting with  Dr Spilsbury and the Camden Town Killer (Orion 2023). Think Prime Suspect meets Sherlock Holmes!

Donna began writing stories on top of the coal shed when she was a child, but has since graduated to a spare room at her home in York, where she lives with her husband and a cat called Trevor.

Twitter: @donnahay1


Agent: Jon Wood
Donna Douglas Titles