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Meet Dillon, a high-functioning fuck-up with a rather inconvenient foot fetish, who has been keeping some very big secrets from his girlfriend Ramona. Also, meet Dhilan, a young carer caught in an endless loop of pre-bereavement bereavement for his dying mother. And then there's Dylan. The less said about him the better. These three very separate identities for the same young man have been growing dangerously more hardcore and hardwired, both online and off, thanks to the self-reinforcing effects of social media and search engines, and the uncanny predictive capabilities of his smartphones. When two creepy old dudes threaten to expose Dillon/Dhilan/Dylan, he is forced to unravel a gut-wrenching mystery that he would rather leave well alone. Set in a strange greyscape between the digital world and the messy realm of the body, Distortion asks timely questions about what happens to us when our digital data and search histories are crunched up and processed and fed back to us - when they don't just filter our view of the world, but also our view of ourselves. How can we navigate the tension between emotional truth and factual accuracy? What can we do to neutralise our own toxicity? And what happens in the world of flesh and blood when the roles of parent and child become tragically reversed?

Agent: Peter Straus
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