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Against Children (Contra los Hijos)

From the angry cries of the French Revolutionary women to the desperation of contemporary women writers, from the frenetic mothers of La Leche League to the return of cloth diapers and organic food, society’s many demands on how children must be raised has turned parents into slaves and confined women (who only recently gained their freedom) to extra obligations of motherhood. Contra los Hijos incisively argues for the right not to support this ‘filial’ industry and warns of the conservative ecofeminist compromise behind these social pressures that are so intent on procreation.

"For Meruane, the essay is not about being gentle, it is about opening up the dialogue, sowing doubt, staggering the structure. To question, to dissent.Isaura Leonardo, RegistroMX.

Territories: Spanish: Tumbona Ediciones (Mexico)
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