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Be The Change: Be Calm

An interactive activity book for 9 12-year-olds on overcoming anxiety

You can conquer your worries. The power is within you!

We all experience anxiety from time to time. It can feel overwhelming and uncomfortable, and stops us from doing the things we enjoy so what on earth can we do about it?

Be the Change: Be Calm will show you how to shut down anxiety with fun and simple ways to calm your mind by listening to what your body is telling you. Ever tried the half-salamander exercise? You should! And have you ever performed a body scan? Thought not. These amazing activities along with many others will become your toolkit to a calmer and happier life.

Award-winning author Marcus Sedgwick takes us on a fascinating journey to find out where anxiety comes from, looking at the power of storytelling in terms of training our brain to overcome worries. He also shows us what animals can teach us about dealing with stress AND introduces us to our second brain! Hello! It's time to make CALM your superpower.

Are you ready to be kind to your mind?

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers
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