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Answering Back

Carol Ann Duffy has asked some of the brightest lights in the poetry world to choose a poem that is meaningful - or has meant something - to them, and write a reponse to it. With up-and-coming poets alongside more established names, and original poems alongside the new works they've inspired, "Answering Back" promises to be a truly unique anthology
from old favourites to modern classics, it will be a collection everyone can respond to.

'Rapture takes the reader on an ecstatic rollercoaster: soaring and swooping and holding one's breath hurtling, heart thumping through the complexities of human feeling. This is a book that demands to be read from cover to cover' - The Times

'I read it on the tube and missed my station. I read it in bed and couldn't sleep. I read it at my desk and started to cry. Affairs are notoriously disruptive reading about an affair is not supposed to have the same effect. But it does in the case of Rapture' - Guardian

Agent: Peter Straus
Territories: Macmillan General Books: All World
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