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Vikings on Vacation

Loki the Viking trickster god has checked into the hotel and he's ready to have some fun - at the other gods' expense!

Epically hilarious, this series is perfect for fans of Pamela Butchart and David Solomons.

The Hotel of the Gods has a new guest! Loki, the Viking trickster god, has come to celebrate Midsummer at the hotel. Everyone is excited about the new arrival - apart from Loki's old rival, Thor. Atlas and his best friend Maui find Loki and his shape-shifting tricks hilarious at first. But when Loki's pranks go too far, Atlas knows he has to get the Viking god to leave before the Midsummer party is ruined.

There's only room for one trickster god at the hotel, and a battle of pranks ensues. May the best trickster win!

Author: Tom Easton
Publisher: Orchard Books
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