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Daughter of the Crocodile

This title is set in Egypt, 279 BC. Ptolemy II Philandelphus, unconcerned with stately affairs, prefers to think about science, concubines and feasting. His reptilian sister returns to Egypt with her life in ruins. She wants to oust her brother's wife, marry him herself and be the saviour of Egypt, but his wife has other plans. Berenike Beta murders her husband and marries Patlemy III Eurgetes instead. But with the glory of the Ptolemies at its height after Egypt wins victories at Syria, it is the turn of the murderess to be murdered. Ptolemy IV Philopator, who thinks of nothing but wine and dancing, plans to murder his father. Agathokles of Samos wants to murder the King and have the throne of Egypt for himself and Agatholeia, his sister, wants to murder the Queen and marry her brother. Meanwhile, the people of Egypt are thinking about revolution. Seshat, the Egyptian goddess of writing, the lady in the leopardskin dress, must write down their bloody history.

Agent: Cara Jones
Territories: Czech: Euromedia Group, k.s. English: Faber and Faber German: Europa Verlag GmbH (Germany) German: S. Fischer (Germany) Greek: Livanis Portuguese: Distribuidora Record de Servicos (Brazil) Spanish: Edhasa (Spain)
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