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The Hungover Games

Sophie Heawood always dreamed that one day she’d grow up, meet Mr Right and settle down with a sprawling family in a sprawling house in the sprawling countryside. Unfortunately, she was still dreaming this in her mid-thirties, while living in a one-bedroom flat on the seedy Sunset Strip in Hollywood and battling hangovers every morning, as she tried to make a living as a celebrity journalist on the party scene. Not only that, but doctors had recently diagnosed her as infertile - which is why it was such a shock to discover that she was pregnant. The father, a touring musician who could barely commit to breakfast, was clearly Mr Wrong, so Sophie decided to move back to England and have the baby by herself. 


After trying to find a new father-type figure for her daughter, and encountering some awkward and hilarious moments along the way (should you breastfeed on a first date?), Sophie realises that she and her daughter are going to have to reinvent the idea of family for themselves: The Hungover Games is the story of what happens if you’ve spend years looking for the love of your life, only to realise that she’s right there in front of you.

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