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The Fury

'There were seven of us in all, trapped on the island.

One of us was a murderer . . .'


On a small private Greek island, former movie star Lana Farrar - an old friend - invites a select group of us to stay.


It'll be hot, sunny, perfect. A chance to relax and reconnect - and maybe for a few hidden truths to come out.


Because nothing on this island is quite what it seems.


Not Lana. Not her guests.


Certainly not the murderer - furiously plotting their crime . . .


But who am I?


My name is Elliot Chase, and I'm going to tell you a story unlike any you've ever heard.


Praise for The Fury 

'Gloriously atmospheric and utterly riveting, this is my favourite Alex Michaelides yet…. the undisputed master of the twist.' Lucy Foley

'A very sophisticated book which takes the format of a classic murder mystery and elevates it to something very devious and clever indeed.' Harriet Tyce

'Alex Michaelides hits the trifecta with his third novel, The Fury. The highly original story structure presents the reader with the king of all unreliable narrators, enough twists and turns to power two novels, and a host of characters that bleed right on the page. For fans of erudite, locked room mysteries told with style and theatrical panache, The Fury will deliver, on all counts.' David Baldacci

'The Fury by Alex Michaelides is a proper, grown-up thriller that exudes class from every page. So much more than a murder mystery, every twist and turn is simultaneously a total surprise and completely inevitable. The writing is perfectly sparse, yet cloaks a narrative of rare complexity. So many contradictions, yet all unite in a devastating whole. The Fury is a very special book and highly recommended' Janice Hallett

'Audacious, twisty, compelling, and full of the joyous verve that one only finds in the very best storytelling, this is the best novel yet from Alex Michaelides' Sophie Hannah

'A classic, twisting, brilliant murder mystery. A wonderfully drawn cast of characters with a motive to kill for, in a location to die for, keep you guessing until the shocking finale. Clever, and fiendishly fun' Chris Whitaker

The Fury, like its beguiling narrator, is endlessly evolving, wildly entertaining, and like the very best fiction, impossible to pin down. Just when you think you have it cornered, it moves, impossibly and with stunning flourish, toward a devastating finale. The Talented Mr. Ripley for our time.” Blake Crouch 

‘Mesmerising – a beguiling labyrinth of twists and surprises, even better than THE SILENT PATIENT. THE FURY is THE MAGUS meets THE SECRET HISTORY on a Greek island paradise where nothing is as it seems, and Alex Michaelides is a master magician, skilfully misdirecting the reader at every turn’ – JP Delaney

"This is a masterclass in suspense. A unique and captivating narrator takes you on a journey filled with twists and finely drawn characters you will treasure. This is probably his best book. Not to be missed." Steve Cavanagh

"One of those rare books where really nothing is as it seems. As usual, Alex Michaelides does not disappoint."Ragnar Jonasson

"From the author of The Silent Patient comes another perfectly-paced thriller that will have you looking at your friends with a hint of suspicion. This classic locked-room mystery follows a former movie star trapped on a private Greek island with her best friends and a murderer, not to mention plenty of simmering grievances and thirst for revenge. It unfolds so satisfyingly well, you just might want to block off a weekend to read it all in one." Good Housekeeping

‘Shades of Agatha Christie and Sunset Boulevard color this outstanding psychological thriller… Michaelides keeps readers on deliciously unsteady ground throughout, ratcheting up the tension until he arrives at the final series of reveals. The result is a character-driven, atmospheric delight.’ Publishers Weekly

'Michaelides deliciously twisty and fiendishly clever third novel takes the classic locked-room mystery and delivers a fresh spin on the genre' The Observer

‘Think Patricia Highsmith meets Noël Coward’ Mail on Sunday

'Another blockbuster…Infinitely thrilling, and delicately crafted, the plot keeps everyone guessing until the very end, With an unscrupulous villain to underline just how good it is. Do not miss.' Daily Mail

'Breathtakingly twisty… On the island, nothing is as it seems – and the same can be said for the novel itself, which takes
the classic murder mystery format and twists it into something devious and enthralling and consistently surprising.' The i 

'The Fury is surely set to follow suit of Michaelides first book The Silent Patient and become a bestseller.' Press Association 

‘Ingeniously plotted, and leads to one fabulously theatrical conclusion’ Crime Time 

Agent: Sam Copeland
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