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Resurrectionist, The

It is London, 1826. Leaving behind his father's tragic failures, Gabriel Swift arrives to study with Edwin Poll, the greatest of the city's anatomists. It is his chance to find advancement by making a name for himself. But, instead, he finds himself drawn to his master's nemesis, Lucan, the most powerful of the city's resurrectionists and ruler of its trade in stolen bodies. Dismissed by Mr Poll, Gabriel descends into the violence and corruption of London's underworld, a place where everything and everyone is for sale, and where - as Gabriel discovers - the taking of a life is easier than it might seem.
"His third novel is a ripe, disturbing work, full of fascination for civilization's thin veneer, and the appetites that snap against it."
Agent: Matt Turner
Territories: English: Faber and Faber English: Macmillan Australia
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