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Lucky Baby Jesus

Celebrated media darling and much-feted gay icon, Sean Cunningham is the wealthy and wildly successful editor of infamous style magazine, "Sodomite". Rarely out of the public eye himself - he's a past master when it comes to spin and the art of the sound-bite, not to mention his keep-them-guessing private life and penchant for controversy - he seems to have achieved everything he could have wished for ...and he's not yet thirty. But when he meets and falls for TV producer Catherine, his future suddenly seems rather less certain. His big problem, though, is not those aspects of his life that he'd always assumed would be his by right, but the one thing that everyone else has taken for granted. His sexuality. Specifically, he finds himself faced with the ultimate dilemma: can he come out of the closet and admit he's heterosexual without losing face, fans, or fame? Not to mention his job ...Or the love of his life?
Territories: English: Picador
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