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Red Sun (Röd sol)

India and Kallas are invited to Kallas' childhood friend Desma and her big house by the sea. It is late summer and the heat is unbearable. Late one evening, three children appear, alone and with nowhere to go. Desma gives the children shelter for the night, but when a threatening fire breaks out in the mountains, they are forced to stay behind. Without ever wanting it, India and Kallas become attached to the children. They begin to indulge in the kind of love and care usually reserved for parents, in the shadow of the inevitable that keeps creeping closer.

Red Sun is a love story and a family tragedy, written with distinctive precision.


Red Sun navigates between the realistic novel, the fairy tale and the gothic horror’ – Svenska Dagbladet

‘One of this novel’s strongest qualities is how unpredictable it is (…) Reading it is similar to taking part in the reconstruction of a legal case, where crime has to do with parenthood and responsibility’ – Bjorn Kohlstrom, Bernur (acclaimed Swedish critic)

‘ Johanne Lykke Holm retains her stylistic uniqueness in Red Sun. It is serious, dense and dark – saturated with destiny’ – Dagens Nyheter

‘Written in a sensuous and saturated prose that few writers in this country have mastered as well as she has’ – Expressen

‘Johanne Lykke Holm/Naderehvandi writes with a language that can almost be touched. Black, sparkling and viscous, like a trickle of oil running over the white pages of the book’ – Gelfe Dagblad

Publisher: Bonniers
Territories: Denmark: Gads Forlag; France: La Peuplade; Switzerland: AKI/Kampa Verlag; UK: Lolli editions
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