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Night of Triumph

On VE Night, 1945, it is a historical fact that the then teenage Princesses, Elizabeth and Margaret, were allowed to leave the Palace incognito and join the parties with their subjects - pretending to be ordinary people for the first and only time in their lives. Peter Bradshaw has taken this nugget of history gold and brilliantly written a comedy crime thriller about the Princesses' big adventure. Priceless moments include Princess Margaret causing mayhem by stealing a policeman's hat, the foray into a Hyde Park conga line and Elizabeth's accidental encounter with London's criminal underworld. The future Queen must use all her wit and courage to get out of a very messy situation, and emerge victorious on her own personal Night of Triumph. With a sharp, dark sense of humour and affectionate approach to our Monarch's younger days, this is a wonderful, enjoyable, dark crime caper for a wide audience that is sure to attract attention.

Agent: Sam Copeland
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