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'The core of this book is a love affair with Bloomsbury but a sunny temperament, sharp ear, appreciative eye and richly coloured family background make it also, especially in the early chapters, a classic' Observer Frances Marshall was destined for Bloomsbury. Related to the Stracheys and the Frys, she was brought up in an enlightened and advanced way by parents whose passions were 'eugenics, agnosticism and the march of science'. After being educated at Bedales and Cambridge she fell in love with Ralph Partridge. Their association precipitated one of Bloomsbury's greatest crises on account of Partridge's involvement with Lytton Strachey and Carrington. In these vivid and perceptive memoirs Frances Partridge records her impressions of Virginia Woolf, the Bells, Roger Fry Duncan Grant, Maynard Keynes and the Desmond MacCarthys.

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