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Everything To Lose

Ham Spray and Frances's enduring partnership with Ralph are focal points in these beautifully written diaries. Here they were surrounded by the Wiltshire downs here a succession of interesting friends visited and were visited in return: Gerald Brenan, Raymond Mortimer, and Robert Kee whose dramatic relationship was 'as if electricity had been let loose in the house'. While in London there were visits to Cyril Connolly, lunch at The Ivy with Duncan Grant, Julia Strachey and Clive Bell, followed by meetings of The Memoir Club for those survivors of Bloomsbury. Frances Partridge reveals a life of such warmth, friendship and good fortune that at the close of these diaries it seems almost impossible that death could rob her of the source of such happiness: Ralph.

Agent: Cara Jones
Territories: English: The Orion Publishing Group Ltd.
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