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Magnus Magnusson's Family Quiz Book

As what is the painting "La Gioconda" better known? Upon which city is the original game of Monopoly based? Whose portrait is on the reverse side of current Bank of England #50 notes? From Magnus Magnusson, presenter of BBC's "Mastermind" for 25 years, comes this quiz book, for both the serious contestant and for family fun. Echoing the television show's classic twin formula of specialist subjects and general knowledge, the book contains over a thousand carefully graded questions (together with the all-important answers). Many of the questions have been chosen for their unusual answers, or for the surprising stories behind them. The specialist subjects include topics of particular interest to Magnus, such as Norse Mythology and perfume and for the most hardened of quiz enthusiasts, there are a smattering of old favourites from "Mastermind" itself.
Agent: Cara Jones
Territories: English: Time Warner Books UK (Little, Brown & Co (UK) Ltd)
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