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Great Journeys

Much of the romance of the past centres around travel and the trade routes of the world. For hundreds of years people have crossed mountains and deserts, sailed down rivers and across seas in pursuit of conquest, trade or adventure. In this book seven travellers, well-known in different spheres, make seven journeys, recording their experiences and describing the places and the people they encounter. Colin Thubron follows the Silk road beyond the Great Wall of China to the borders of Afghanistan. Whilst Naomi James visits several of the islands which were settled by Polynesians many centuries ago. Crossing the border between the USA and Mexico, Hugo Williams goes from the First to the Third World along the Pan American Highway and through Central America by river. Miles Kington travels the Burma Road, once used by Marco Polo and later a life-line for the allies in World War II. The route taken by the Vikings between the Baltic and the Black Sea was the one followed by Noram Stone. Starting in Leningrad, he travels through Estonia and Lithuania to Kiev and then on to Yalta. And William Shawcross journeys along the old Salt road once used by traders to carry salt from the mines in the Sahara desert. Finally, in Vietnam, Phillip Jones Griffiths returns to the country where he spent nearly three years during the war.

Agent: Cara Jones
Territories: English: BBC Worldwide Publishing
Other Miles Kington, Estate of Titles