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Games At Twilight

Set in contemporary Bombay and other cities, these stories reflect the kaleidoscope of urban life - evoking the colour, sounds and white-hot heat of the city. Warm, perceptive, humorous and touched with sadness, Anita Desai's stories are peopled with intensely individual characters - the man spiritually transformed by the surface texture of a melon the American wife who, homesick for the verdant farmlands of Vermont, turns to the hippies in the Indian hills the painter living in a slum who fills his canvasses with flowers, birds and landscapes he has never seen.
Author: Anita Desai
Agent: Peter Straus
Territories: Vintage: British Commonwealth ex. Canada, French: Editions Denoel, French: Union Generale d'Editions, German: Edition Kappa, Italian: Einaudi (Italy)
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