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Every Move You Make

Bookish boys and taciturn men, strong women and wayward sons, fathers and daughters, lovers and husbands, a composer and his muse, a builder-architect and his legacy - here are their stories, whole lives brought vividly into focus and so powerfully rooted in the landscape that you can almost feel the heat and the dust. His canvas is the vast Australian continent from the mysterious, glittering Valley of Lagoons behind the Great Divide in Far North Queensland, to bohemian Balmain and the Centre at Uluru, but always there are enticing glimpses of a world beyond, and the stories are tender, subtle, unsettlingly intimate. A young man going off to war tries to make sense of his place in the world he is leaving a composer's life plays itself out as a complex domestic cantata an accident on a hunting trip speaks volumes, which its inarticulate victim never could and, in the funniest, most surprising story of all, a down-to-earth woman stubbornly tries to keep her feet on the ground at Ayers Rock. Malouf's men and women are together but curiously alone, looking for something they seem to have missed, or missed out on, in life, puzzling over the space they'll leave behind when the waters close over them... This is a heartbreakingly beautiful, richly satisfying collection by a master storyteller, one of the great writers of our time.

Agent: Peter Straus
Territories: English: Chatto and Windus, English: Pantheon, French: Editions Albin Michel (France), Italian: Frassinelli (Italy)
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