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Cover Up

What's the worse way to die At the end of a rope driven by your own shame and despair Or savaged in the jaws of a black-hearted stallion who has hated you for years If only the bankrupt gambler and the stable girl were alive to give us the answer JockeyRob Harding has found something better than riding a big winner breeding one. When his two-year-old colt Goldeneye takes the July Stakes at Newmarket in some style, it seems he can lift Rob's failing business out of the mire. But there's a tragedy waiting round the corner...Rob's head girl Ivana, a horse-mad beauty from the Czech Republic, would also revel in Goldeneye's triumph except for the terrifying reappearance of her sadistic ex-lover Milos. She's run a long way to escape from him - but it looks like she hasn't run far enough...

Agent: Cara Jones
Territories: Czech: Olympia (Czech) English: Headline Book Publishing Ltd.
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