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Hugo Hamilton

Hugo Hamilton is the best-selling author of The Speckled People (4th Estate), a German-Irish memoir which has so far been translated into 15 languages. His unique experience of growing up in Dublin during the 50s/60s with a fervent Irish nationalist father and German mother who came to Ireland in the aftermath of World War 2, has found resonance right across the globe. Hailed by many as a ‘masterpiece’ (Colm Toibin) and an ‘instant classic’ (Roy Foster), his account of German-Irish childhood addresses all the ‘great issues of the 20th century’ (Nuala O Faolain). Described by Joseph O Connor as a ‘book for our times and perhaps for all time’, it won the prestigious PRIX FEMINA etranger in France, as well as the Berto Prize in Italy, and appeared on the New York Times notable books list. His equally ‘rich and compelling’ second memoir The Sailor in the Wardrobe which continues this complex dual upbringing in a ‘language war’ where he was prohibited from speaking English, has also been hailed an ‘enchanting piece of work’ (Terry Eagleton). He is the acclaimed author of five novels and one collection of short stories, all of which reflect on the increasingly compelling issues of cultural divisions, belonging and identity. The Speckled People was optioned by Neil Jordan. Disguise was published in 2008,  Hand in the Fire was published in 2011, and Every Single Minute was published in 2014 by 4th Estate. His most recent novel, Dublin Palms was published by Fourth Estate in 2019 and his next novel, The Pages, will be published in Spring/Summer 2021. 

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