Rob Doyle

Rob Doyle was born in Dublin and holds a first-class honours degree in Philosophy, and an MPhil in Psychoanalysis from Trinity College Dublin. Having spent several years in Asia, South America, the US, Sicily, London and Dublin, he currently lives in Paris.

Rob Doyle’s widely acclaimed first novel, Here Are the Young Men, was published in 2014 by Bloomsbury and the Lilliput Press. It was chosen as a book of the year by the Irish Times, Independent, Sunday Times and Sunday Business Post, and was shortlisted in the Best Newcomer category for the Bord Gáis Irish Book Awards. It was also named as one Ireland’s twenty greatest novels since 1916 by Hot Press magazine. Rob’s fiction, essays and criticism have been published in many newspapers and journals.

His second book, This is the Ritual, is a collection of stories that was published in 2016 by Bloomsbury. Layering narratives and splicing fiction with non-fiction, This is the Ritual, tells of the ecstatic, the desperate and the uncertain. Immersive, at times dreamlike, and frank in its depiction of sex, the writer’s life, failed ideals and the transience of emotions, it introduces an unmistakable new literary voice. His next book will be published by Bloomsbury in Summer 2019.

‘Super charming, super funny, and super smart’ Rachel Kushner 

‘I’m quite overwhelmed.. tremendous … there’s a formidable quality to the writing.. the ability to generate the shock that rare work gives the reader, not only in the pleasure and gratitude it engenders, but the serious business of the lines and engines of your own life finding answer and echo in another’s art.” Sebastian Barry on Rob Doyle

‘These bleak, brilliant stories maintain the tradition of Swift and Joyce.. Compelling’ Sunday Times

‘(a) masterstroke in experimental fiction, brimming with ideas, vulgarity and intelligence. Ireland has just gained a cult author of exceptional Talent.’ The Independent on This Is The Ritual

‘Doyle plumbs the bleaker aspects of literary life with startling precision and candor’ The New York Times on This Is the Ritual 

‘For sheer bravery and for style, for its integrity of vision and for its uncompromising tone’ Colm Toibin picks Here Are The Young Men for his Book of the Year in the Irish Times

“Doyle’s fiction deals with life’s major themes: sex, death, guilt, shame, the meaning of existence … Doyle’s storytelling is compelling and engaging, suffused with wit, honesty and emotional intelligence” –  Irish Times

‘A fine debut. A rollicking good read. God may be dead, but a new literary star is born’ Sunday Times

“I’m tempted to quote Nietzsche back at Rob Doyle: he’s not a writer – he is dynamite! Except – like Nietzsche – he’s a tremendous writer too. And I have a suspicion that the author of this provocative and thrilling collection is going to get even better.” –  Geoff Dyer

“A tremendous talent. Every page fizzes with vitality” –  Kevin Barry, author of Beatlebone

‘The mutinous fragments of Rob Doyle’s fictions are bilious, provocative and unnervingly compelling’ Colin Barrett, author of Young Skins

“A world-class writer” –  Joanna Walsh, author of Vertigo

“Full of booze, books, sex and despair yet, despite the bleakness of its stories, skewered as they are on broken hearts and broken artistic dreams, Doyle’s cocky passion provesirresistible. He writes with the confidence of a literary giant … A series of heartening and humane interior struggles. Doyle is as good as everyone – from John Boyne to Colm Toibin – says he is” –  Daily Mail

“Doyle displays a ludic sensibility … The stories are gleefully nihilistic … He has a gift for evoking the base and unpleasant aspects of life in vivid and visceral detail … It creates an almost hypnotic effect; a miasmic fictional space into which the reader slips” –  Times Literary Supplement

‘Unblinking depiction of male desperation’ – Books of the Year, Independent

‘A compelling read’ – Tara Flynn, Books of the Year, Irish Times

‘A fine debut. It shines a light into a relatively unexplored region: the psyches of youth adrift in a world where old verities no longer exist … A rollicking good read. God may be dead, but a new literary star is born’ – Sunday Times

‘A powerful, passionate and electrifying novel. Many writers try to recreate the traumas and anxieties of teenage years in fiction but very few manage it with as much conviction as Rob Doyle. The language is unflinching, the story uncompromising….  easily the most honest account of young Irish people for many years’ – John Boyne, author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

‘A dark and intoxicating debut’ – Irish Independent

‘A lament for the blank generation, the literary equivalent of the song from which it takes its name, Joy Division’s Decades . a powerful debut, maybe the first novel since Kevin Power’s Bad Day in Blackrock to interrogate the dark side of the young Irish male’s psyche’ – Irish Times

‘A portrait of a jilted generation … a brilliant Dublin novel and an exercise in honesty’ – Irish Sunday Times

Threshold is audacious, daring and deranged, endlessly entertaining, furiously funny and – to hurtle to the other end of the alphabet – wonderful… highly original” Geoff Dyer

‘a brilliant,  maverick achievement. A Pilgrim’s Progress for our time.’ Mike McCormack

‘Doyle has outdone himself. I was buzzing after reading Threshold: it’s the kind of work you have to come down from – playful, potent, lurid, moving and fearless.’ Lisa McInerney

Threshold is extraordinary, quite unlike anything I’ve read before. It’s intimate, a revelation in the literal sense of that world, and yet it’s full of curiosity. It’s hit me right in the gut, made me think about my own life and the things that I’ve done in it. It’s fearless and challenging, inventive and compulsive, unique and utterly heartfelt. A book that will stay with me for a very long time. Masterful.” John Boyne 

Agent Name: Sam Copeland

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