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Everything goes wrong from the start. The money's been stolen from the remote North Wales post office, but Darren's been over-enthusiastic with the lump hammer. The elderly sub-postmistress lies in a coma. When he and Alastair get back to Liverpool and try and spend the cash on a consignment of pure cocaine - and in doing so get involved with some seriously dangerous criminals - things really get out of hand, and stay that way until the story finally crashes to its grisly conclusion. Epic in its scope and its cast of characters, ambitious in linguistic and narrative range, Wreckage is Niall Griffiths' most confident, audacious novel yet. An examination of violence and the humanity it destroys, this is a book of furious pace and pacific calm that allows the reader to see both sympathy and terror in a world where everything that can possibly go wrong, does.
Territories: English: Graywolf Press English: Jonathan Cape Greek: OXY Publications Norwegian: Baskerville
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