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Unlikely Stories Mostly

This is Alastair Gray's first collection of short stories. This edition includes a new story, "Inches In a Column", that was lost at the time of original publication. He is the author of "Lanark", "Why Scots Should Rule Scotland" and won the Whitbread Prize for "Poor Things".

'Expect to be thoroughly entertained. It is a playful title, but a magnificent collection. Some stories are long, a few very short, and one has only five lines. Some are set in everyday life, some are fantasy or parable, and a few have the quality of myth. Their themes are many. Alasdair Gray's is an extravagant imagination. He can be satirical, tragic, comic, ironic. He is sometimes whimsical, often deeply moving, always subversive.' - Bookseller

Agent: Zoë Waldie
Territories: English: Canongate Books Ltd, Romanian: Editura Pandora, Russian: Symposium
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