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The Stinky Wonky Donkey

From the creators of The Wonky Donkey, the Hilarious number one global bestseller, comes another laugh-out-loud story!

There was a young Donkey, so cute and so small,

who loved every creature, from tiny to tall.

"I love every animal, of that there's no doubt.

I love them so much," Dinky Donkey called out.

In this gorgeous and cheekily funny addition to the Wonky Donkey collection, Wonky Donkey quizzes Dinky Donkey on which animals she loves the most.

Whether it's a reindeer, a zebra, a horse or a camel, one thing's for sure: our cute friend Dinky loves ALL creatures!

But is there a mischievous reason behind Wonky's questioning?!

Author: Katz Cowley
Publisher: Scholastic
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