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Katz Cowley

Katz Cowley is the award-winning illustrator of the best-selling book The Wonky Donkey written by Craig Smith (Scholastic), a story about a loveable three-legged donkey with one eye and a flatulence issue, which was first published in 2009. Katz birthed the illustrations for The Wonky Donkey in a converted stable in New Zealand. The book went on to become an internet sensation and a runaway international success in 2018 when the Scottish Granny, Janice Clark, was videoed in fits of laughter reading it to her grandson. Further best-selling books in the series include The Dinky DonkeyThe Grinny Granny Donkey, Wonky Donkey’s Big Surprise and, most recently, The Stinky Wonky Donkey. Katz’s other books include Willbee the Bumblebee, also written by Craig Smith, as well as The Fidgety Itch and The Bee’s Sneeze, both written by Lucy Davey.

Katz spent over 16 years living abroad, mainly in New Zealand, before returning to her motherland in the UK. Katz is a firm believer that creativity is a muscle we all have and, if oiled with playfulness and curiosity, it can take us to wonderful imaginative places.

Katz Cowley Titles