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The Siege Of Krishnapur

India, 1857 - the year of the Great Mutiny, when Muslim soldiers turned in bloody rebellion on their British overlords. This time of convulsion is the subject of [itals] "The Siege of Krishnapur" [itals], widely considered to be one of the finest British novels of the last fifty years. A witty and individual take on the many traditions and follies of Empire, it is also a gripping account of survival under siege - showing how people can come to behave in extreme conditions. Tim Pigott-Smith narrates J.G. Farrell's powerful story with great skill and comic timing. A distinguished actor, Tim first came to prominence in television's "The Jewel in the Crown". Throughout a successful film, television and theatre career, he has always retained an interest in the Spoken Word and audiobook credits include "Shackleton's Way" and Endurance for CSA WORD.
Agent: Cara Jones
Territories: CSA Records: World (audio), Chivers Press: British Commonwealth (audio), Folio Society: United States, New York Review Books: United States & Canada, Weidenfeld & Nicholson: British Commonwealth & Canada, French: Artheme Fayard (France), Hebrew: Zmora Bitan - Dvir Publishing House, Italian: Neri Pozza Editore S.p.A., Spanish: Anagrama (Spain)
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