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The Incomplete Husband

Growing up in a remote corner of rural Italy, Elena lives a sheltered life, unable to imagine a world beyond her hilltop village, until Riccardo arrives and enthrals her with his dreams of elsewhere. Defying her family to follow him, Elena soon finds herself cast adrift, in a foreign land, clinging to her son Marco and his uncle, Giacomo, as the sole guardians of her unfulfilled past. When Marco turns his back on this fate and flees for Paris, with its migrant population, political protests and possibilities for love, Elena?s thwarted expectations surge up again and all three are forced to confront the conspiracies that have bound them together and what they must risk to set themselves free. Moving between the isolated Italian mountains, the plains of sun-drenched Camargue, and the vibrant jumble of Paris, The Incomplete Husband is a richly involving story about the things that anchor us in our lives, and about what it means to be in exile and what it takes to feel at home.
Author: Ben Faccini
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