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Speak to Me

The spiky wit of DEPT. OF SPECULATION and the ache and romance of BRIEF ENCOUNTER collide brilliantly in SPEAK TO ME: the story of a woman who feels she is losing her husband to his mobile phone - and that she might be falling out of love with modern life.

I shall explain about our marriage. We have a modern version of a long-distance relationship. We share a house, but live in different historical eras...

What happens in a relationship when your partner only has eyes for their new phone?

What happens when you lose a treasured possession - a hoard of love letters documenting a relationship that never really ended - and this loss becomes an obsession?

Speak to Me is the story of a woman's quest, in a world ruled by screens and devices, for a conversation that will unlock who she once was, and what she really wants now. Keenly observed, tender and sharply funny, this is a book about all the ways we say, and don't say, the things in our hearts.

Publisher: Tinder Press
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