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Same Time Next Year

Sisters Bel and Marie are poles apart. Whilst Marie is a free spirit who spurns alcohol, casual sex and material possessions, Bel needs all of those things just to make it through to lunchtime.

When their mother dies suddenly, leaving them a rundown house on the Norfolk coast, they are unexpectedly thrown together. Because there's a condition: before they can inherit it, they have to live in it for one year - together.

Marie invites some old friends to Orchard House to form a working party, and Bel is drawn to the devastatingly handsome, yet silent and brooding, Nick. The only problem is, they want entirely different things . . .

If Bel can make it through the year unscathed, she'll consider it a success. But that means dealing with everything she's been sweeping under the rug for decades. Could it be time to leave the past behind and embrace the future? And in doing so, will the sisters finally find their way back to each other?

Same Time Next Year is the hilarious, heart-warming and joyful new novel from award-winning author Heidi Stephens about love, life, hope, family and the importance of taking chances. Perfect for fans of Beth Moran, Milly Johnson, Lucy Diamond and Jill Mansell.

Publisher: Headline
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