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Le fils de l'homme

After several years of absence, a man reappears in the life of his wife and their young son and takes them to the dilapidated house in the mountains where he grew up with his ruthless father. There, the son discovers a nature unknown to him, wild and bewitching. As the father’s hold over mother and child grows and he dictates the mysterious laws of their new existence, the return to their previous life and home seems increasingly impossible. Haunted by his past and consumed with jealousy, the man slowly sinks into madness and his son has no choice but to challenge his father in an attempt to save something of their humanity.

Publisher: Gallimard
Territories: UK: Fitzcarraldo; US: Grove; Australia: Text; Denmark: Gutkind; Germany: Matthes & Seitz; Italy: Neri Pozza; Netherlands: De Bezige Bij; Spain: offer; Sweden: Bonniers
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