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Frances Welch

Frances Welch has written for the Sunday Telegraph, Granta, The Spectator and the Financial Times. She is co-author of 'Memories of Revolution: Russian Women Remember' (Routledge, 1993) and author of 'The Romanovs & Mr Gibbes: The story of the Englishman who taught the children of the last Tsar' (Short Books, 2003), 'A Romanov Fantasy: Life At The Court of Anna Anderson' (Short Books and WW Norton 2007) and 'The Russian Court at Sea: The Voyage of HMS Marlborough 1919' (Short Books, 2011). 'Rasputin: A Short Life' was published by Short Books in 2014 and her most recent book, The Imperial Tea Party was published in 2018.

Frances Welch Titles