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The Stolen Daughter

My heart races as gunfire startles me from my sleep, and my lungs fill with smoke as I realise my village is being burnt to the ground. I tremble as I realise my family is missing, but before I can find them, I am taken. With tears streaming down my face, I wonder if I’ll ever see my parents and little brother again…

Western Africa, 1848. In a small Yorùbá village, fourteen-year-old Ṣìkẹ́mi refuses to live by the elders’ rules. All she wants is to learn how to hunt and defend herself, like the boys. But her father is quick to remind her that soon she’ll be expected to grow up and marry.

But Ṣìkẹ́mi’s world shatters when her village is ambushed by slave raiders. She watches in horror as she’s separated from her family before she is sold to Madam Tinúbú, a rich and powerful slave trader. With her heart in pieces, Ṣìkẹ́mi’s days are filled with back-breaking labour and constant fear of brutal punishment.

Desperate, Ṣìkẹ́mi looks for a way to escape her nightmare and find her family. When someone tries to poison Madam, she sees a chance to save her mistress’s life. As a reward, Madam grants Ṣìkẹ́mi’s request to train as a warrior and join her guard. Madam sees something in Ṣìkẹ́mi that she could use, and something she desperately needs to keep her power…

But Ṣìkẹ́mi has a plan of her own. Even if everything is taken away from her, her spirit will never be broken. And nothing will stop her from being reunited with her family. Not even Madam.

Inspired by true events, The Stolen Daughter is a gripping and unputdownable story about facing your fears, overcoming unimaginable hardship, and the courage and strength of women in a world ruled by men. Fans of Marie Benedict, Sadeqa Johnson and Suzette D. Harrison will be swept away.

Publisher: Bookouture
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