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The Ballroom Girls Hit the Big Time

'Live for the day' is the motto for the times, and our girls plan to waltz their worries away...

Ever-ambitious Sylvia wants more from her life, so starts planning a Dance Weekend at the Winter Gardens – not easy in wartime when air raids could cancel an event at the last minute. What she doesn't expect is for the competition to bring the dashing Vernon into her life too! Could everything finally fall into place for Sylvia?

Joy's life has entirely turned around in the last year. Newly married to her beloved Tommy and at the helm of her family's business in Manchester, she can't believe how far she's come. But will the plight of her young employee Mildred throw things off course? Or will she and Tommy still be able to perfect their waltz in time for the competition?

Author: Jenny Holmes
Publisher: Penguin
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