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Marigold Mind Laundry

The Top Five Korean bestseller for fans of What You Are Looking For Is In The Library and The Alchemist.

The comforting magical tale of a mysterious laundry that blooms into existence one night, and how its enigmatic owner summons her powers to heal souls and make dreams come true.

We’re a mind laundry. What we wash and iron are the stains on your heart, the creases within you. If there’s anything upsetting you, we can help

While still a child, Jieun accidentally misuses her powers, causing her entire family to vanish. Trapped in eternal guilt, she makes a vow to be reincarnated a million times in search of them.

Now in her last life, outside a village encircled by mountains and sea, she opens the Marigold Mind Laundry, offering a unique service to cleanse the darkest stains in her customers' memories while they await their wash.

As she heals the wounded souls of five characters from the village, so she comes to terms with her own painful past. What dark stain from your past will you ask Jieun to wash?

Soul-stirring, empowering, joyous, Marigold Mind Laundry has already demonstrated its power to move the hearts of thousands of readers. As we laugh, weep, heal and grow, we witness the wonder of the ordinary and learn how to reach the positivity in us all.

Marigold Mind Laundry is written by Jungeun Yun and translated into English by Shanna Tan

Author: Shanna Tan
Publisher: Doubleday UK
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