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Matthew Suddain

Matthew Suddain is a journalist and sci-fi/fantasy author. He has written fiction and non-fiction for The Metro, The Guardian, McSweeney’s, Vice, Five Dials, Opium, BBQ Aficionado, Popular Tree, The Singular Gentleman, Caravan & UFO, Fancier Financier, and The Onion. He is a founding editor of Blacklist Publishing, a firm dedicated to rescuing lost or banished works. Suddain’s first published novel was Theatre of Gods. His second novel, Hunters & Collectors blurs the lines between detective story, horror and sci-fi, Hunters & Collectors is a mesmeric trip into the singular imagination of Matthew Suddain – a freewheeling talent whose poise, invention and sensational sentences have already earned him comparisons to Vonnegut, Pynchon and Douglas Adams.

Books in order of publication:

Theatre of Gods (2013)

Hunters & Collectors (2016)

In praise of Matthew Suddain:

‘On the one hand, it’s a galaxy-spanning space opera with intrigue, adventure and fascinating tech extrapolations. On the other, it’s a hilarious, almost Nabokovian account of a food critic’s gastronomic misadventures as he conducts a tour of restaurants on dozens of far-flung planets. Suddain manages the almost impossible task of balancing cosmic scope with slapstick, intricate wordplay and dialogue at times worthy of PG Wodehouse… Hunters & Collectors is a misanthropic joy ride by a ridiculously talented writer and one of the most unusual novels of the year.’ The Guardian, Jeff VanderMeer

‘On evidence of Hunters & Collectors let me make a prediction: M. Suddain…is destined for greatness.. Hunters & Collectors really does bear comparison with the best of Kurt Vonnegut,, with J G Ballard and Alasdair’s Lanark and with Douglas Adams. What makes this book a work of wider appeal is Suddain’s careful combination of narrative and linguistic inventiveness with old-fashioned plot twists, complex characterisation and rather restless, high-pressure sentence construction. Every page and every chapter contains something weird and surprising.’ Ian Sansom Times Literary Supplement

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