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Prue Shaw

Prue Shaw is an Emeritus Reader in Italian, University College London. She is the editor of the edizione nazionale of Dante’s medieval Latin treatise Monarchia, and author of Reading Dante: From Here to Eternity. She translated the Letters of Giacomo Leopardi, Italy’s great poet of the Romantic era. Her digital edition of the Commedia, based on seven of the earliest and most beautiful manuscripts of the poem, can be accessed gratis at . Her digital edition of the Monarchia, based on all surviving textual evidence (twenty-one manuscripts and the editio princeps) can be accessed gratis at  . Details of her other publications can be found on her website at 

She taught Italian Language and Literature at the University of Cambridge (where she was a Fellow of New Hall), and the University of London (Bedford College, then UCL). She acted as consultant to the Royal Academy for their exhibition Botticelli’s Dante: the Drawings for the Divine Comedy, 2001. In May 2014 she was awarded a medal by the city of Florence for her contribution to Dante studies.


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