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Mathilde Ramadier

Mathilde Ramadier is a French writer of essays, graphic novels and children's books. She has written a dozen books of fiction and non-fiction, published in France by Le Seuil, Actes Sud, Éditions du Faubourg and more, and her work has also been translated into seven languages. She also writes for the press, hosts podcasts and gives talks. Her studies have taken her from art, aesthetics and music to psychoanalysis via contemporary philosophy at the École normale supérieure in Paris. Her favourite topics are feminism, deep ecology (environmental ethics) and the critique of the startup culture. She is drawn to ideas and phenomena that are marginal, emerging, or under-researched.

After having spent twelve years in the vibrant city of Berlin, she became French-German, and now lives in the south of France.

Mathilde Ramadier Titles