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Andrew Hunter Murray

Andrew Hunter Murray is a writer from London. For ten years, Andrew has been one of the writers and researchers behind the BBC show QI. He is one of the co-hosts of QI’s spin-off podcast, No Such Thing As A Fish, which since 2014 has released 250 episodes, been downloaded 200 million times, and toured the world. It has also spawned three books (The Book of the Year, The Book of the Year 2018 and The Book of the Year 2019), and a BBC2 series, No Such Thing As The News. Andrew also writes jokes and journalism for Private Eye magazine, and hosts the Eye’s in-house podcast, Page 94. In his spare time he performs in the award-winning comedy show Austentatious, which plays in London’s West End and around the UK. His first novel, The Last Day, is a high-concept thriller set in a world whose rotation has slowed to a halt. The Last Day will be published in the UK and USA in February 2020.

Twitter: @andrewhunterm



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